Frequently Asked Questions


Step 1:

Download the app from the App Store

Step 2:

Enter your email address, review and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement to register to use the app.

Step 3:

Click on “Get Magic Link” to receive a confirmation email.

Step 4:

Check your inbox for an email from ROOG and click the “Confirm Email” link to confirm your email on the app.

Step 5:

If you already received the email and completed step 4, skip to Step 7.

If you do not see an email from ROOG to confirm registration, then return to the app and click “Resend email” to get another email sent to you inbox.

Step 6:

Check your inbox again for the ROOG confirmation email and click the “Confirm Email” link to confirm your email on the app.

Step 7:

Select your profile preferences when prompted to complete the registration process.



What is the ROOG app?

The ROOG app is a social e-commerce platform where shoppers discover YOUR unique talent, products, and services locally.

How does ROOG help my business and other businesses like mine?

ROOG drives awareness to small minority businesses and communities through advocacy and local engagement. Our hyper-local approach will help you grow your business within your local communities in addition to our national reach that will help you expand beyond your local market.

How do I sign up to be listed as a business on ROOG?

Businesses can visit our website at and register to be listed on the ROOG app.

Will my customer be able to shop through the ROOG app?

At this time, shoppers will be directed to your business website or on-site location to purchase your product or service.

Will I be able to sell my items through ROOG?

You will be able to list your products on the ROOG app. Products that are listed within the app will be linked to your website or in-store location for purchase

Will I be able to post about deals, sales, or clearance items on ROOG?

Not at this time, but we plan to enable this feature in a future release.



Will I be able to make a purchase through the ROOG app?

At this time, shoppers are not able to purchase through the ROOG app. However, you are able to connect with businesses through their website or in-store.

How do I contact a business from the ROOG app?

You can contact the business by selecting the phone, website or social channel icons in the business profile.

Can I use gift cards/gift certificates through the ROOG app?

At this time, ROOG does not accept gift cards on behalf of the businesses listed in our app. All purchases will be made directly through the business online store or in-store.

I want to return my purchase! How do I do that?

ROOG is not responsible for refunds and/or returns. Shoppers can review the return/refund policy in-store or visit the business website via their profile through the ROOG app.

How will I be able to shop my favorites?

In-app, shoppers are able to select products and deals to order via the business website or in-store purchase. Shoppers can also favorite a business, product, or deal by tapping the heart in the right-hand corner of the business profile. All favorites can be found by selecting the favorites icon on the bottom menu.