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There are 30 million minority owned businesses in the United States but there is no single place for you to locate them.

Minority Businesses
US Total
Total US Jobs
In 2012, 8 million minority owned
businesses created 7.2 million jobs
7.2 Million
153 Million
Total minority owned businesses
From 2007 to 2012, 2 million minority owned
businesses were created in the US
2 Million
30 Million
Total US Spending
In 2012, 8 million minority owned businesses
contributed 1.4 trillion in revenue
1.4 Trillion
11.7 Trillion

The Solution

A web and mobile app to improve engagement between local businesses and consumers

How it Works

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to search and review businesses within your community

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and visit physical and online businesses in your community

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to engage local consumers and business owners


How does ROOG help my business?

ROOG will provide businesses with a conscious user base that seeks to spend their dollars with local businesses in their communities with the understanding that the dollars invested back into our communities will create opportunities for growth and sustainability.

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