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A marketplace for minority owned businesses to promote and sell their unique products and services to shoppers in diverse communities

The Team

Brandon Hunter

Brandon Hunter

Chief Innovation Officer

Seghen Aklilu

Seghen Aklilu

Strategy & Partnerships

Ibrahim Dikko

Ibrahim Dikko

Information Technology

Geetsikha Pathak

Geetsikha Pathak

Marketing & Analytics

Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana

Product Innovation

John Sibley Butler

John Sibley Butler



See what businesses are saying about ROOG

Roog is unique...there is lots of money and time wasted in small business marketing today.

Mahisha Dellinger

CEO @Curls

Roog is a fundamental’s what small business needs.

Ramiro Cavazos

President @ USHCC

If Roog was ready today, I would use it right now!

Leo Alvarez

Owner @La Marginal


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