Tap into your community

ROOG connects local businesses to consumers within their community


ROOG will increase dollar circulation for minority owned businesses by establishing connections with local consumers and local businesses

Minority Spending
US Total Spending
2021 Total US Spending Power
In 2021, African Americans will spend 1.5
Trillion dollars in the US economy
16.6 Trillion
2021 Total US Spending Power
In 2021, Hispanics will spend 1.8
Trillion dollars in the US economy
16.6 Trillion

The Solution

A web and mobile app to improve engagement between local businesses and consumers

How it Works

Create business profile

users can identify the services that your business provides

Register physical location

for users to locate your business on a map in real-time

Post updates

advertisements and events via business profile that will appear in community / news feed

Requirements for businesses

Businesses on ROOG will be verified by the following criteria

  • Ownership
  • Location
  • Community engagement


What if I do not have a physical location for my business?

If you have an online business, then you will register your business in the communities in which you will provide products and services. Your business profile will provide a link to your online business to pipeline consumers to your website.

How does ROOG help my business?

ROOG will provide businesses with a conscious user base that seeks to spend their dollars with local businesses in their communities with the understanding that the dollars invested back into our communities will create opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Does ROOG charge businesses to register their business?

During the beta phase, ROOG will not charge businesses to sign-up on the ROOG platform.

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